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What are we doing now?


One of Starseed Travel's core projects is The Domain Eco Village.


How can you help?


One of the biggest ways you can help is to just raise awareness about our on-going projects for a sustainable future.



All communities experience the distress of some citizens being dislocated, then seeking a safe place to sleep and eat. Domain community shelters fulfill this basic need. Starting over in life requires becoming personally self-sustaining in order to regain what was lost or never obtained. These shelters can provide that opportunity for safe refuge and learning and growth experiences.  


The Dislocated Human Domain project will consist of eight five person units, staff unit, a bathroom and laundry unit, kitchen/dining unit and office/classroom unit. All units are 26’ diameter geodesic domes. Where applicable, solar and wind will provide energy and be net metered to the existing grid. The system has total off-the-grid capabilities. Rain water will be captured and held in cisterns. Solar hot water. Grey water will be recycled to potable water standards. Septic system will utilize Mother Nature by composting all blackwater waste to fertilizer.


The Domain shelter will showcase and demonstrate self-sustaining principles, both physically and psychologically. By experiencing new environments and our programs it will motivate one's own awareness and sustainability.