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Starseed Travel is here to integrate global awareness and growth through adventure tourism. Our package destinations and tours include  US destinations including Asheville, NC in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as global destinations like Brazil, Mexico, the Peruvian Andes, India, and East Asia!  Through Starseed Travel you and your group will embark on a journey that explores global perspectives and integrates them with community action and multi-cultural resilience efforts.


We value service to humanity and engage responsibilities we share to protect the people and places we visit. We do this though our engagement in global initiatives that are bringing ecological and adventure travel into mainstream culture.

Bodhgaya Maha Bodhi Temple, India

Grab your hiking boots and head into the wilderness with Starseed Travel! With our new line of active Adventures, you’ll trek through some of the world’s most legendary mountain ranges; go kayaking amid icebergs and climbing glaciers; and veer far off the beaten path, discovering wild landscapes on foot or by horseback. Get to know fascinating cultures firsthand, from the Hadza bushmen of Tanzani to Bhutanese villagers.